Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Status Update


Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but we have been having some issues with the interwebs at home. Those lovely people at Comcast informed us that not only were they overcharging us, but they neglected to inform us that all of our equipment from them was outdated, causing a lot of our issues. Oy! With the poodles already! 

However, someone is supposed to come by our house sometime between 10 am Wednesday and the end of time to update all of our shit, so hopefully I can get back to charming you with my shoddy photography, witty anecdotes, and run-on sentences by the end of the week. Until then, here is actually documentation that both Sideburns, and Bangs are alive and well. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Party Time, Excellent


Another busy summer weekend in the bank! Friday we had some of Kyle's family over, as well as my parents and two of my brothers. We had a little cookout in the backyard, and a fire in the firepit. Which actually resulted in us cooking most of the food over the fire, because the grill stopped working (aka Kyle broke it). It was still a lot of fun, and it was good to see some of the kids. Some of our friends stopped by for a bit as well, and we ended up staying awake around the fire until about 4 am. I can't believe that my old ass stayed up that late, I am known for chronically crashing out early (like 80 year old people do). 

Saturday we slept in pretty late, then washed up and headed to my cousin Nicole's graduation party. It was very hot, but it was awesome to see some of my family. After, we headed over to see our friend Aaron's new place in Grosse Point Park (sooo fancy!). Sadly, this was cut short as we had to meet up with my brother in Ferndale, and a few more of our friends showed up for yet another late night. 

Sunday we finally got around to cleaning up the yard after the party, and then sat on our butts catching up on "Shameless" for a few hours. We did pause to take Louie for a walk and get ice cream, but that was about it. I am pretty sure that we will be eating leftovers all week though! I have taco salad packed for lunch for the next two days, fruit salad to go with, and I froze a bunch of cooked burgers and hot dogs (we are fatties, but there's only the two of us). 

I have another packed weekend coming up, so we are going to try to take it easy this week. I say "try" because that never seems to happen. Anyway, enjoy the only pictures I managed to take over the weekend :) 


1) My nephews; Kyler and Aiden. 
2) My big, fat, furry baby, Louie. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Party Animal


I have mentioned the Detroit Dog Party before on the blog, and last month my  professional photographer brother-in-law Chris came up to take pics of the dogs, since he and his wife live close to Tigers Stadium. 

He took a bunch of Louie, even though Louie is not always photogenic. Louie is just great at the derp-face, and totally owns it. Still, I am forever great-full for photos of my furry baby. 


Check out: Michelle & Chris Gerard Photography  & thanks again to Chris for the photos!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Middle Earth Outfitters


GUYS, can we talk about this awesome shirt for a moment?! Whenever I am not feeling well, or we have no idea what we want to do, I always want to watch Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. So when we went to MCCC awhile back, Kyle spotted this shirt and before we left, we hunted down the vendor and bought it. 

Seriously though, my T-shirt collection is growing like mad. It used to be an even mix of band, and fandom shirts, but the fandom shirts have taken over. I like things. 

Do you guys have an overabundance of anything? Shoes? Hats? etc. 

Shirt-MCCC vendor
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Bag-Urban Outfitters
Glasses-Warby Parker 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Little Bits: Long Weekend Recap


Long weekends are awesome, even if they go by really fast. Kyle had to work most of it, but I was still busy as hell for the most part.

We started out by taking Liam to see 22 Jump Street on Thursday night with Brian. It was rated R, so Liam thought he was a real badass by seeing it. It was pretty funny! Kyle, Brian, and I stopped by Ferndale to have a drink at the pool hall afterwards. 


Friday started off with me cleaning the house (I know how to party!). My parents took Louie for the day/evening, so that he wouldn't freak out alone when the fireworks went off later that night. My friend Mariah had an extra ticket to the Tigers game, and Brian had the day off so he bought a ticket too. We headed down early and had some beers at the Comet bar in Detroit, where a really nice old man bought us a round.

We then headed to the game, because what is more American than baseball? I caved and bought some poutine, because it is POUTINE. It was worth it. At the game, we continued to consume the adult beverages. After, we met up with Kyle and Dan for karaoke back in Ferndale. It was a late night of our usual shenanigans, and it was awesome. 


Saturday, I was supposed to head to Eastern Market with friends, but was not feeling up to it (because beer), so I slept in. Later, I made my way out to Target, then hung out in the hammock reading for a good part of the day. Dan wanted to do something later that evening, and so we headed to Corktown to PJ's Lager house to check out some folk bands. It ended up being a really nice night, and we hung out on the back patio area drinking more beer, listening to the music that was being played inside, and taking turns petting the bar dog, Millie. 


By Sunday we were pretty exhausted, but how else do you beat exhaustion other than more beer and a soccer match? Kyle and I were invited to our first DCFC game by our friends Becky and Pete, and it was AWESOME. So much swearing, shouting, and ALL of the smoke bombs! I really embraced my inner soccer hooligan, and it really made me miss playing soccer. I think we are going to try to sneak out to one more game before the season is out. 

We came home Sunday afternoon and decided to tackle some projects. I finished this little dream catcher like thing for the front door, and Kyle worked in the yard. All in all, it was a good, exhausting weekend. I also realized that we have things going on for the rest of the summer, and so alone time is going to be scarce. I may have to become a hermit during the month of September to recover. Send coffee. 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fine Hair Care


After many weeks of trying out different washes for my hair, I have finally got it. There were a few days where I walked around with questionable locks, I even went to work reeking of apple cider vinegar (much to my coworkers delight). I wanted to make sure that I had it down completely before sharing, and after four weeks of success, a blog post was in order. 

Because I have very, very fine hair that tends to get oily rather quickly, there is more than just washing it to get it manageable. So I thought I would just go ahead and include my entire routine, because why the hell not?

First off, let me start by saying that very fine hair is high-maintenance as hell. Every shampoo that I bought for oily hair did nothing. Most shampoos that you will find in stores for this hair type will tend to contain sulfates, which work to absorb the oils initially, but by the end of the day my hair would be limp, and my forehead covered in sebum. Why? Because your skin produces oil naturally ,and when you strip it all out, it will overwork to replenish all of the oil that should naturally be there. I was also often told to skip conditioner, as it tends to weigh fine hair down, and the result was boring flat hair that did nothing despite the amount of back-combing that I did. That and the ends would split like crazy, yay! 

I was also told to not wash my hair every day, because my skin would stop producing as much oil, and it would be more manageable. Of course, this advice always came from individuals who had thick manes. Not washing it every day only really worked when my hair was long enough to put in a bun, and I still had to wash my bangs or they would slick to my face, despite the dry shampoo I used. I tell you, fine hair is SO MUCH WORK. 


So where am I at now? I use only the items in the picture below. Baking soda will weigh your hair down, but the apple cider vinegar will bring the PH balance back and leave your hair looking nice and shiny without all of the oil. Bonus: It doesn't smell like anything. 

There are different ways of going about this process, but this is the procedure in which I found best for my hair: 

Baking soda + water as wash: I leave a small, air-tight plastic container in the shower full of baking soda. All I do is scoop small amounts out, get it a little wet, and  gently scrub it into my scalp. I do this several times until all of my scalp is covered, you don't need to wash the middle, or ends of your hair, the baking soda will take care of it when it rinses out. Make sure to rinse it very well before moving on to the next step. 

Apple Cider Vinegar + Water + Melaleuca (tea tree) oil as rinse: I decided that a spray bottle would work best here, and I was correct. I filled it up 1 part APC and 3 parts water. Here is where you can add essential oils if you want a scent (like lavender, or citrus). I added tea tree oil because it helps absorb oil, and i only added about 5-6 drops to my 5 oz bottle. Shake it up, and spray all over roots, and the rest of your hair, making sure to get all of it. It will really smell of vinegar at this point, but once you rinse and dry your hair, it won't smell. I usually wash my body at this point while leaving the rise in for a few minutes. Again, make sure that you rinse it all of the way out (otherwise you will smell). 


Next I towel-dry my hair a little, then add a few more products as it is needed. 

Argan Oil leave-in conditioner: I decided to bleach the ends of my hair a few weeks back, and because my hair is so fine, it tends to dry out really fast. Argan oil is a very light, unscented oil and it works great in moderation. I only use one squirt, rub it on my palms, and rub it into the very ends of my hair. Anymore and my hair won't dry because there is too much oil. 

I usually let my hair air-dry about 80% of the way before I take the blow dryer to it. If I am washing my hair in the morning, this is all I have to do. But since I tend to wash it at night to save on time, there is one last step. 

Corn starch dry-shampoo: Baby powder is also an alternative, but I don't like the scent unless it is on babies (go figure). All I do is take a little bit and dab it along my hair line, part, or anywhere else that might look like it will get oily by the end of the day. I do this in the morning, btw. It will be white, so I just let it sit for a few minutes, then comb it back out. It also give my hair a little lift, which is always nice. 

*Tip: If you wash/dry your hair at night, you can move the part to the side in the morning to help it have more lift the next day. 

That is about it! My hair has been loads better since I have switched to this routine, and I couldn't be happier. Oh, and it is CHEAP. Being economical, FTW!